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How to Tie Fishing Knots

Fishing Knots, Saltwater Fishing Knots, Fly Fishing Knots

Albright Knot
Albright Knot, Fly Line to Backing Knot, Monofilament to Monofilament KnotThe Albright Knot is most commonly used for joining monofilament lines of unequal diameters for creating shock leaders and when a Bimini Twist is tied on the of the lighter casting line. It is also used for connecting monofilament to wire and fly line to backing.

Bimini Twist
Bimini Twist Knot, Trolling Knot, Double Line Leader Knot
The Bimini Twist is used to make a double line leader with shock resistance. This knot is very effective for tarpon fishing and other hard fighting fish caught on light tackle or fly gear.

Blood Knot
Blood Knot, Mono to Mono Knot The knot used most often to join two pieces of monofilament of about the same size together. For joining two pieces of monofilament that vary in size.

Crawford Knot
Crawford Knot, Terminal Tackle Knot, Lure Knot, Hard Knot The Crawford knot often is overlooked by even the most skilled anglers because its a pain to tie! It is a very versatile knot for tying most types of hook, swivel, or lure "eyes" to a leader or line.

Dropper Loop
Dropper Loop Knot, Fly Dropper Knot, Bottom Fishing Knot
This knot is used to create a loop in a leader to connect a dropper fly or hooks for a bottom fishing bait rig.

Homer Rhode Loop Knot
Home Rhode Loop Knot, Loop KnotFor trolling or jigging this knot allows the lure or fly to work freely at the end of the line.

Palomar Knot
Palomar Knot, Braided Line Knot, Strong Knots
This is a very common and strong knot for connecting lure, fly or terminal tackle to line. This knot works really well with braided line.

Perfection Loop
Perfection Loop Knot, Freestanding Loop, Fly Fishing Knot, Fly Fishing Loop to Loop
A common knot for a freestanding loop in a fly fishing leader butt, used to connect leader to tippet by a loop-to-loop connection.

Snell Knot
Snell Knot, Snelled Hook, Strong Knots A very strong knot to used when fishing with bait. This knot must be tied with a leader.

Spider Hitch

Spider Hitch Knot, Loop to Loop
A popular and very strong knot used to make a free standing loop in the end of line. This knot is just as strong as the bimini twist without the stretch.

Surgeon's Knot

Surgeon's Knot, Mono to Mono Knot, Strong Knots A common knot used to connect two pieces of monofilament together.

Trilene® Knot
Trilene KnotA good knot for connecting lures and terminal tackle, this knot resists slipping.

Uni Knot, Strong Knots, Mono to Terminal Tackle
A good knot to connect line to terminal tackle or lure. This knot is very versatile and can be adjusted to meet many needs, it is also stronger and just as easy to tie as the more common clinch knot.

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